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Redistricting & Boundary Planning

ARCBridge specializes in redistricting solutions and services in creating balanced voting districts/ school attendance areas or Service areas. Having worked with clients in the Law Enforcement, Schools, Census, Department of Justice, and Local governments, we fully understand the importance of Redistricting. We have supported several large cities like New Haven, East Providence, Unified School District of San Diego, Orange County, New York, Kansas City amongst others.

ARCBridge has also developed an in-house an easy to use GIS Software package DISTRICTSolv, that helps in public meeting to show the effect of moving boundaries as it redraws them and adjusts the statistics on the fly.

We have attended citizen/board meetings, conducted live redistricting sessions and assisted them in the redistricting process.

GIS Services:

ARCBridge specializes in Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (Esri) GIS products. We work with the ESRI ArcGIS Platform and provide a variety of GIS Services to include but not limited to –

  • Geodatabase design development.
  • Application development and analytical studies using GIS.
  • Crime Analysis.
  • Fire Station Service Area Analysis.
  • Police Beat, First Due Areas Analysis.
  • E911 data analysis.

Addressing / Master Addressing Repository Services:

Having the right address is integral part of the functioning of Government services specially 911 Emergency, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, permits, and many government applications. However addresses if not standardized can lead to program inefficiencies and redundancy. ARCBridge works with datasets from various departments within an organization and build a centralized Master Address Repository with validated and verified addresses. For the District of Columbia and Fairfax County Governments, ARCBridge worked with almost 15 address data sets to build consolidated Master Addressing Repositories.

Data Services:

ARCBridge provides ready to use data layers as Shape files or Geodatabases. Datasets include:

  • US Congressional Districts.
  • US Counties.
  • US Tracts.
  • US School Districts.
  • US Blockgroups.
  • US Blocks.
  • State Legislative Districts.

Transportation Planning:

ARCBridge performs the following transportation analysis studies:

  • Evaluating of existing fleets against business needs.
  • Service Area Planning.
  • Traffic Analysis.
  • Load Analysis.
  • Routing.